What you need to know before using Uscreen


Don’t forget that problems will always occur with the video distribution service you create .

For example, trouble is

“A payment error occurred and a user complained” `
`I created an app, but push notifications are not being sent” `
`The page loads so slowly that it cannot be established as a video distribution service in the first place” `
`In accordance with Apple’s terms and conditions and Google’s terms Violation of the terms of service due to not designing a service that

Something like that.

*Here, I have listed only 4 examples of problems, but based on my experience, I think there were easily over 100 examples of problems.

In other words, various problems often occur when operating a video distribution service.

It is important to note that when using overseas services, including Uscreen
, the above problems occur and
no matter how many complaints you make to Uscreen,
the support will not respond properly. Be prepared in advance that
problems will never be resolved forever .

Of course, overseas services including Uscreen are companies based overseas.

No matter how many complaints a foreigner who is far away makes, the customer support person employed as a part-time worker will

“Sorry for the inconvenience , Sir. I will let the technical team know about the bug you told.”

The pattern ends by telling you that.

No matter how troubled you are,
you probably won’t go to the trouble of visiting the company’s office overseas.

And they know that very well.

By the way, the problem mentioned above, “I created an app, but push notifications are not sent” is a case that occurs when creating an app with Uscreen.

I’m just talking about this here, but bugs such as push notifications not being sent often occur in the “Android apps” of video apps created with Uscreen.

A customer of mine who uses Uscreen to turn a video distribution service into an app has been complaining to Uscreen’s technical team about “Push notifications for Android apps not being sent” for over a year. (This customer has stopped using Uscreen.)

In other words, when using overseas services, including Uscreen, you must accept these risks before using them.

I’m not talking about Uscreen , but

This is a story that actually happened with an “overseas service” similar to Uscreen .

Someone is planning to create a “membership service that focuses on live streaming.”

I contacted a “development service” located overseas.

For that overseas “development service”,

“What is the maximum number of people who can connect simultaneously for live streaming?”

That’s what I asked.

On the other hand, the person in charge of the “development service”

“There is no upper limit on the number of people who can connect simultaneously for live streaming, but if it exceeds 10,000 people, we will notify you that we recommend upgrading your plan.”

I answered something like this.

In other words, this person

“We are planning a service that will mainly focus on live streaming,

We believe that the maximum number of people who can connect simultaneously for live streaming will not exceed 10,000 people anytime soon.

We have decided on this service.”

This person should thoroughly check with the person in charge of “development services” and then

They decided to create a service through that “development service.”

However, after the service actually starts operating,

At a time when “the number of people who can connect simultaneously during live streaming has reached around 100”,

I received an additional large bill.

… apparently …

In cases like this where “I checked in advance, but the actual result was different “,

It is “Al Al” when using “overseas services”,

And since it is an “overseas service”,

1. To potential customers, you might think, “Are you just saying what’s convenient?” or,

2. Did the customer support person who was hired as a part-time employee just say it with no malice to get better grades?

It seems that this is the case.

In any case,

Even if you were in trouble because you weren’t taught the right things,

They know that you will never go to that “development services” office overseas to raid them.

In other words, your feet are being watched closely.

The same goes for its development services.

With SaaS type development services including Uscreen,

The LP page introducing the service is very beautifully designed.

It’s as if “With this, you can create a video distribution service just as you imagined!”

It is true that it is made so well that you might even think that it is, and this requires special attention.

Going back to the topic,

Due to Uscreen’s system bugs, etc., your video distribution service may not work .

In such cases, of course, you must not forget that secondary damage will also spread to the users who use your service .

As in the previous example,

Even if you have carefully checked the “fee” with the “development service,”

After releasing a service, you may suddenly receive a large bill.

Then, you will have to make a choice: (1) “Do I pay that high fee?” and (2) “Do I negotiate?”

In most cases, you’ll end up “paying a high price.”

Until you “pay a high price”,

By placing your service in a “temporary state”, the “Development Service”

You will make good use of your customers’ trust in you.

In any case,

When using Uscreen or a service like Uscreen,

This means that troubles caused by “development services” may occur that you may not have imagined .

As in the example above,

It is not at all uncommon for bugs to not be fixed for over a year.

In other words, the various problems mentioned here ,

As a “natural risk” ,

It is good to know this in advance.

On the other hand,

For those who are starting to create a video distribution service, there is always a “growth phase” waiting for them after the service is established, such as “growing the video distribution service.”

Here, we will talk about some very important points that focus on “growing the video distribution service.”

For those who have not yet started building a service, it may be too early to think about the “growth phase.”

However, the content mentioned here will also be faced by you at some point , so it is best to understand the content discussed here before proceeding with the project.

A service that allows you to create video distribution services, including Uscreen , on the cloud is called a cloud development type service (template usage type)
. *“Cloud development type,” “template usage type,” and “SaaS type” are all the same.

Uscreen is a US service, but other cloud-developed Japanese services include OneStream and ULIZA .

The biggest feature of these services is that they allow you to build video sites using site templates .

Uscreen is the world’s No. 1 cloud development ( template usage ) service.

I myself have come into contact with many cloud development type (template-based) development services, and I am very satisfied with their reputation.

On the other hand, one common feature of this cloud development type (template usage type) is that you must use a pre-prepared site template.

In other words, since you will be building a video site using a template, you will not be able to reflect your idea for a video distribution service in the actual service for a long time to come .

“Building a site using a template” means that you are “subject to the limitations of the template.”

For example, even if you want to include a certain feature in the service, that feature is not provided by Uscreen ( OneStream , ULIZA ), so you cannot include that feature.

Of course, this is not limited to “functions”.

The same goes for “design”.

Even if you want to have a design like this, put a banner here, or change the color here, you won’t be able to do that because you’ll be using a site template .

For those who are not yet running a video distribution service, the above may seem trivial and make you wonder, ” What the heck is that? “

I have supported over 50 video distribution services created through Uscreen, and I can say the following based on my many years of experience in the operation of many video distribution services.

When operating a video distribution service, if you aim to “grow the service”, “acquiring users” is essential.

In order to continually acquire users, it is essential to improve services.

In other words, “improving services” means “customizing services.”

Development services such as Uscreen , OneStream , and ULIZA use site templates to build services, so customizations such as functional expansion, detailed design changes, and layout changes cannot be made to video sites. .

Their homepages often claim that they can be customized, but the reality is that the degree of customization is very limited . (Specifically, changing the header color, adding items to the menu, etc.)

In other words, when using Uscreen , OneStream , or ULIZA , the value that you need to bring to the service, such as its philosophy, atmosphere, brand quality, and uniqueness, cannot be reflected in the video distribution service at all . It becomes.

Unfortunately, many case studies have shown that services that cannot generate such value will not attract users.

As a result, “service growth” is difficult .

The first time I encountered YouTube was 17 years ago in 2006.

At that time, YouTube didn’t have the “live streaming” or “super chat” functions that are commonly used today, and it also didn’t have a layout where a list of videos was displayed on the home screen. Of course, there were no functions such as “subscribe” or “like”.

Of course, the site design was also very boring and boring.

In other words, the reason YouTube has grown so far is because it has continued to customize and improve its services .

A service that does not “improve its services” or, in other words, “customize its services,” will not grow and will eventually disappear.

[Explanation in 1 minute video] What you need to know before using Uscreen


What is JEPISTA Prime? Through the history with Uscreen presidents

As mentioned earlier, we at Jepista provide Uscreen support services for those who use Uscreen.

Jepista provides a “service for developing video distribution services” that is different from Uscreen.

This is called JEPISTA Prime .

JEPISTA Prime is a proprietary (custom-made) development service that is in contrast to cloud development services such as Uscreen .

JEPISTA Prime 2022

Unlike SaaS-type development services such as Uscreen, with JEPISTA Prime , development is made to order , so you can reflect your ideas, atmosphere, brand identity, and uniqueness in the service.

As mentioned earlier,

If you build a service using “cloud development type (template usage type)” including Uscreen and low-cost domestic development services, once you acquire a certain number of users, it will be difficult to acquire more users .

In fact, I have seen over 50 companies use Uscreen.

Among them, there were several companies with over 500,000 YouTube channel subscribers.

However, as I have pointed out several times on this page,

Even if you are a famous YouTuber who already has many fans,

Because Uscreen was used, there was no versatility in building the service.

None of the services ever had more than 500 paid members.

I have had long-term relationships with Uscreen’s founder (current head), technical staff, and accounting staff.

Since around 2020, we have been asking them many times about how Uscreen should be improved so that we can create a service that can grow .

However, Uscreen

1. Changing the system to suit the unique and small market of “Japan”

Things like that,

2. Improve the entire Uscreen system so that individual video distribution services can grow.

We will not deal with this,

In fact , we are able to provide low-cost services because we do not provide individual support at all .

I want to improve Uscreen even more because I like it, but Uscreen doesn’t have the desire to do so.

As I continued to have these feelings for several years,

It was created to solve the problem that “template development services such as Uscreen cannot create a service with more than 500 paying members.”

It means that it is Jepista Prime .


This page is translated from Japanese page by Google Translate.
This reason, there are the sentences you may not understand.
Please contact us if you would like to understand more or interested in us.


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