What is Uscreen


Uscreen is a service that allows anyone to create their own brand of video on demand app like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Uscreen’s headquarters are in Washington, DC (USA).

In addition,

By using Uscreen, you can create not only a ‘video on demand service’, but also a video on demand service that ‘sells videos’ or ‘rents videos’.

Additionally, Uscreen allows you to stream live broadcast.

In this way, Uscreen allows you to create and run video streaming services that meet a variety of your needs.

Furthermore, Uscreen is the all-in-one service that allows you to turn your video contents site into a mobile app.

For example, when requesting a web/app developer,

Just ‘developing a video membership service’ costs over tens of thousands of dollar.

In the case of ‘creating a mobile app’, it can cost anywhere like hundred of thousands of dollar.

However, Uscreen is an extremely cheap service that allows you to create your own video service for only about 149 USD per month.

Uscreen is said to be the world’s No. 1 choice in the world because it has the functions necessary to operate a video on demand service, and it is inexpensive even though it can turn the video service into a mobile app.

More than 25,000 businesses around the world operate video streaming services on Uscreen. (As of July 2022).

This page provides a thorough explanation of Uscreen’s features, fees, how to use, support, etc.

Although this page has long content,

Because I have a long relationship with the founder(CEO) of Uscreen, I can explain Uscreen in more detail than anyone else.

I have supported and helped over 50 companies that created video membership app by using Uscreen.

As mentioned earlier,

Although Uscreen is often said to be the world No. 1 service,

It is also very important that you would face various problems when you create the video membership app with Uscreen.

On this page,

we will also thoroughly explain the ‘negative aspects’ such as ‘problems’ and ‘actual bugs’ that you will inevitably encounter when creating a video app site by using Uscreen.

In the second half of the page,

we will also talk about What you need to know before using Uscreen and The Story with Uscreen CEO.

I am the leading Uscreen expert in Japan, who have brought Uscreen to the Japanese market since 2020.

I can say about myself that,

I had been the person who love Uscreen the most for a long time in Japan.

Plus, I have introduced Uscreen to over 50 Japanese customers and supported their video app.

In other words,

I am familiar with;
(1) The reality of creating a video on demand service.
(2) The reality of running a video on demand service.
(3) The Trueth of Uscreen.

Of course,

I will tell you here the truths that;

The Things you will definitely face when you will start a video membership service from now on.

And I tell you about it based on our experience with over 50 companies.

On this page, we will talk about these ‘problems’ and ‘realities’ that you will inevitably face after you start your video membership service.

Also, I will talk about what you need to know before using Uscreen and The Story with Uscreen CEO too.

In other words,

by reading this page thoroughly to the end, you will learn that;

1. Is Uscreen suitable for you?

2. The reality of creating a video membership service.

3. The reality of video membership service after you start.

If you are really considering a video distribution service, please read carefully to the end.

Table of Contents

Features of Uscreen

The features of Uscreen are as follows.

  • You can create a video on demand service only from $149 per month.
  • You can create a subscription video service.
  • You can create a video on demand service that sells videos and rents videos.
  • You can create native app such as iOS apps, Android apps etc. only from $1,300 per month
  • It is linked with the card payment system.
  • All- in-one, including plan management, customer management, analysis tools (analytics) such as number of views, sales reports, and video management.
  • Live streaming is possible (extra fee required)

You can release iOS apps on Apple Store and Android app on Google Play (from $1,250 per month).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Uscreen

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Uscreen here.

What are the Advantages of Uscreen?

The advantage of Uscreen is that anyone can create their own video on demand service without spending a big budget.

There are many development services in the world that allow you to create video on demand service.

But among them, Uscreen is just very popular due to its low price.

Below, we will list the advantages of Uscreen.

  • Even though Uscreen is very cheap, you can create medium-quality video on demand service.
  • Since it includes the functions needed to operate a video on demand service, it does not require any other software services.
  • Video distribution services can be turned into mobile app.
  • It is a simple management panel.
  • Over 25,000 businesses are running video on demand services through Uscreen around the world.
  • Not only you can build the subscription plan, but you can also you can sell videos or rent videos.
  • Uscreen is very competitive comparing to other services. For more information on this, please see the link below for a comparison list of each services.
    » Comparison of 6 companies

What are the Disadvantages of Uscreen?

The disadvantage of Uscreen is that it is not suitable for building large-scale video services .

Specifically, this means that it will be difficult to build a video membership service that aims to attract more than 500 subscribers.

We will explain this in detail here .

Another disadvantage of Uscreen is that the administration panel is only in English.

But this is a problem that can be resolved with the help of Google Translate or someone who can speak English.

So it will not be a big trouble for you.

Below, I will list the disadvantages of Uscreen.

  • Your service will be difficult to get for more than 500 members. ※Click here for details
  • The feature and fuction in your app will be limited because you can use only what Uscreen provides. You can not request custom development if you want to configure new feature in your app. ※Click here for details
  • As you can build the video site only by using a site template, the design/layout of the site/app cannot be changed in the future※Click here for details
  • There were cases reported by Uscreen users that bugs were never fixed for over a year. *Click here for details

1 minute video | What is the biggest Disadvantage of Uscreen?

I tested Uscreen by creating demo site

The image below is video membership site that I created using Uscreen.

Demo of video distribution site created with Uscreen

Individual video page of a flat-rate video distribution service actually created with Uscreen
Video page
Homepage of a flat-rate video distribution service actually created with Uscreen
[Information & Introduction (LP page)] Easy to understand even for first-time customers
Customer account creation page for flat-rate video distribution service created by Uscreen
User registration & paid plan payment

I myself have created a demo site for a video site using Uscreen.

If your mind is kind of like ‘Just cheap-looking video site is okay’, we conclude that there is ‘No problem’ in creating a video site using Uscreen.

As I will explain later,

When creating a video membership service by using SaaS services such as Uscreen, there is a point that it is difficult to build a service with more than 500 members.

Uscreen demo site – JEPISTA TV

JEPISTA TV is a demo site for a video membership service created with Uscreen.

By accessing the demo site JEPISTA TV, you can gain a deeper understanding of what kind of services can be created by Uscreen.

» JEPISTA TV (demo site)

Admin panel

Below is the images how the Uscreen admin panel looks.

Here, you can see ‘Customer management’ and ‘Plan management’ etc. .

Customize the design of your site (in the Uscreen admin dashboard)
Customize the site design (on the Uscreen administrator screen) ①
Customize the design of your site (in the Uscreen admin dashboard)
Customize the site design (on the Uscreen administrator screen) ②
Customer management (on Uscreen administrator dashboard)
Customer management (on the Uscreen administrator screen)
Manage flat-rate plans (on the Uscreen admin dashboard)
Manage your plan (on the Uscreen administrator screen)

Why anyone can have a video membership site with Uscreen

JEPISTA provides the following 2 solution. So anyone can use Uscreen without any inconvenience.

What is ‘How to Use Uscreen’ Series?

The Series ‘How to Use Uscreen’ is a collection of series that explains how to use Uscreen.

We explain everything from signup, introduction of Uscreen functions, initial settings, setting up various functions.

» ‘How to use Uscreen’ Series

Because we share ‘How to Use Uscreen’ Series with you here, there is no need for you to purchase ‘How to use Uscreen’ materials from any other sites.

This series also includes video explanations.

» ‘How to use Uscreen’ Series

What is ‘Uscreen Support Service’?

Uscreen support service is a support service provided by JEPISTA.

This service is for those who wants to start Uscreen.

» Uscreen Support Service

How to signup Uscreen

The link below explains how to signup Uscreen.

How to signup Uscreen [How to use Uscreen Series #1]

» Uscreen official website

Uscreen Pricing plans

There are 3 pricing plans at Uscreen.

Uscreen’s cheapest plan is “Basic,” which costs $149 per month.

  • Growth plan :
    $149 per month *Monthly fee when paying annually
    $199 per month *Monthly fee when paying monthly
  • Pro plan :
    $499 per month *Monthly fee when paying annually
    $599 per month *Monthly fee when paying monthly
  • Plus plan :
    Depends on your custom plan. *if you want to build iOS and Android app, the pricing will be $1,300 per month.

*For more information about Plus plan, we recommend contacting Uscreen support about the custom plan and its pricing.

As mentioned above, you can choose between “annual payment” or “monthly payment” for Uscreen’s price plan.

If you are planing to build Mobile apps(iOS, Android), you must choose Pro plan.

And one important point here is,

You are required to sign a annual contract with Uscreen.

That means,

If you want to create the native mobile app like iOS app or Android app, you must pay $15,600 at least.

($15,600 = $1,300 × 12 months)

So you must keep in mind that you can not cancel Uscreen plan for 12 months.

For more information on the differences between Uscreen plans, please check the Uscreen official page.

» Uscreen pricing plan (Uscreen official page)

Uscreen price plan

If you are not sure which plan is suitable for you, 

or seeking better solution to create the video membership app, you can use JEPISTA’s free consultation.

Comparison of Uscreen and other services

Uscreen is said to be the great service because it offers its service with cheap pricing.

In the article below, we will thoroughly compare 6 services including Uscreen.

By comparing other services, you will be able to get an idea of ​​how good Uscreen is.

If you are considering creating your own video membership service, please be sure to read the article below.

In order not to fail choosing the best service, we provide a thorough explanation of each services.

6 services that allows you to create your own video membership service (app)?

Uscreen fees

When running membership service with Uscreen , a monthly fee of $1.99 will be charged per user.

For example, let’s say a customer(user) starts subscribing to your video membership service this month.

A fee of $1.99 will be charged at the time of this first payment (first month).

This $1.99 fee will continue to be charged for subsequent monthly payments.

How much is Uscreen’s fee when the monthly fee is $10?

For example, let’s say the fee for your video service is $10 per month.

In this case, there will be a fee of $10 per user, so your profit will be $8.01.

In this example, Uscreen’s fee is 19.9% ($1.99 ÷ $10 = 19.9%).

How much is Uscreen’s fee when your monthly plan is $30?

For example, let’s say the fee for your video membership site is $30 per month.

In this case, there will be a fee of $1.99 per user, so your profit will be $28.01.

In this example, Uscreen’s fee is 6.6% ($1.99 ÷ $30 = 6.6%).

Compare “Uscreen fee” and “YouTube membership fee”

If you compare Uscreen‘s fees and other service’s fees, you can know that Uscreen’s fees is cheap.

Here we will compare Uscreen with YouTube’s Membership.

YouTube Membership is a YouTube feature that allows you start membership subsctiption service within your YouTube channel.

The fee of YouTube membership is 30%.

For example, let’s say you start a YouTube membership subscription for $10 per month.

In this case, the YouTube fee will be $3 for each subscriber.

Therefore, your profit is $7.

(As mentioned earlier, in the case of Uscreen, your profit is $8.01 under the same condition.)

For example, let’s say you start a YouTube membership subscription for $30 per month .

In this case, the YouTube fee will be $9.

Therefore, your profit is $21.

(As mentioned earlier, in the case of Uscreen, your profit is $28.01 under the same condition)

As mentioned above, when comparing YouTube membership fees and Uscreen fees, you can find that Uscreen fees are way cheaper.

By the example above,

you can now know the difference in fees between Uscreen and YouTube membership is significant .

Above example is just 1 user case.

Once you start your app, there will much more number of subscribers.

This means, the fee differece between 2 services will be huge amount.

Please refer to the comparison of fees proportional to the number of users below.

Fees comparison between each services if your subscription plan is $10/month.

Number of usersYouTube membership feeUscreen fee
100 people$300$199
300 people$900$597
500 people$1,500$995
1,000 people$3,000$1,990
2,000 people$6,000$3,980
3,000 people$9,000$5,970
5,000 people$15,000$9,950
10,000 people$30,000$19,900

As you can see the table above,

If your subscription plan is $10 per month, the YouTube membership fee will be more expensive than Uscreen fee.

Fees comparison between each services if your subscription plan is $30/month.

Number of usersYouTube membership feeUscreen fee
100 people$900$199
300 people$2,700$597
500 people$4,500$995
1,000 people$9,000$1,990
2,000 people$18,000$3,980
3,000 people$27,000$5,970
5,000 people$45,000$9,950
10,000 people$90,000$19,900

If your subscription plan is $30 per month, the YouTube membership fee will be about 4 times more than Uscreen fee in the case of 10,000 people.

If you are considering a service other than Uscreen, you can create a fee simulation like above so you will see how much the total fees will actually be as the number of users increases.

We recommend that you visualize the true fee amount like the case above.

When creating a subscription service using a certain service,

Please do not decide based solely on just figures like ‘●●% revenue share fee’ just like YouTube membership.

Caution for websites and blogs that do any recommendations for particular service

If you find a service you think it is good, please check that web page recommending the service is whether the affiliate not or.

If the website recommends a certain service, that website may be an affiliate that gets money from that service for recommending.

In other words,

They are recommending it because they get paid from that service.

In most cases,

many of the website or blogs pretends to be providing useful information to you.

But actually they recommmed just because get paid.

So please be careful when you are looking for the service in internet.

Of course,

This page does not get any money from anyone.

We are not affiliate.

We do not receive money from anyone, so we can provide you with neutral and accurate information.

For more detail in affliate, please check the page below.

Please be careful for “Affiliate” pages

What you need to know before using Uscreen

I would like to keep in your mind that the problems will always occur when you create any type of services.

The trouble for example are like;

  • End users complained because they got payment transaction errors
  • Push notifications are not being sent successfully.
  • The page loadings as well as video loadings are so slowly due to the poor hosting server.
  • Your app close suddenly due to the violation of Apple’s terms or Google’s terms.

I have listed only 4 examples above.

But based on my experience creating over 50 apps, I think there were over hundreds of problems or issue like that.

In other words, various problems often occur when you run video membership service.

It is important to note that when using services like Uscreen, the issue mentioned above occur quite often.

No matter how many time you complaint to Uscreen, the support always just rensponse to you just like below;

‘Sorry for the inconvenience , Sir. I will let the technical team know about the bug you reported. ‘

Even If you face serious issue by using Uscreen, you probably won’t go to visit the Uscreen’s office in Washington D.C.

And they know well that you will never go to visit Uscreen office all the way to Washington D.C. just for complaining.

About the issue mentioned above ‘Push notifications are not being sent successfully’,

This was the actual story with Uscreen.

1. System troubles, errors and bugs

My clients who uses Uscreen has been complaining to Uscreen’s technical team for over a year.

Beccause his app had not sent any push notification to users.

So he requested Uscreen technical team to fix it for over a year.

But the Uscreen ended up without fixing the issue.

So my client has canceled using Uscreen.

So you should better acknowledge that using cheap services like Uscreen, you must accept these risks.

As you know, these risks bring you damage your trust as business too.

Image you subscribe to the membership site and their site or app is full of bugs…

That service must lose your trust eventually.

Below is a story that actually happened.

One company created a video membership service.

And their membership service was mainly on streaming live broadcasting.

Due to the low pricing, he contracted with one development service.

Before contracting, he asked the development service about the maximum number of viewers that can connect simultaneously for live streaming.

The costomer support replied that;

‘ There is no upper limit on the number of people who can connect simultaneously for live streaming.
But if it exceeds 10,000 viewers, we will notify you that we recommend upgrading your plan. ‘

He thought that the live streaming viewer would not exceed 10,000 people.

So he decided to choose this development service and signed a contract.

However, while after his membership service actually starts, he received an additional large bill which he would not expected.

The bill told him that the bandwidth usage was far exceeded for this plan.

When he got that bill, he streamed a live streaming only for 1 or 2 times a week, and average live viewers are just 100 people.

This proved that the customer support he inquired before contracting said something totally false.

Maybe that customer support lied a bit just because he wanted to get more sales records?

Or, he just actually did not know about the answer, so he replied just ‘Yes’ against the inquiry?

Or, he was just a part-time employee so he felt no responsibility?

We never know which one the case was.

Anyway the important thing here is,

SaaS type of service including Uscreen,

Their home page(or Landing page) introduces their service very well.

Plus, their page are so beautifully designed.

These things lead you image like,

‘ Oh, I will be able to create a wonderful membership app as I imagine! ‘

Not just Uscreen, but other services are all very professtional on creating Landing page or their website, in order to attact new customer.

So please don’t be fooled by these.

Please be noted that if your app face any system errors, that will lead to damage your business brand.

When using Uscreen or a service like Uscreen,

It is inevitable that troubles or system bugs caused by Uscreen must occur to your app too.

And the troubles or bugs are the type you may not have imagined.

As in the example above,

The push notification bug had never been fixed for over a year while he had paid $1,300 every month to Uscreen.

2. You can not grow your service due to Customization limit

For those who are starting to create a video membership service, there is always a ‘Growth phase’ waiting for you after the service is established.

Here is about very important thing that focus on growing your membership.

For those who have not yet started building a service, you may feel like it is too early to talk about ‘Growth phase’.

However, the ‘Growth phase’ is something anyone will be faced eventually.

So I need to discuss here before you proceed with your project.

A service that allows you to create video membership services, including Uscreen , we call them ‘SaaS’.

This is short for ‘Software as a Service’.

The biggest feature of SaaS is that they allow you to build video membeship site only by using site templates.

This means, since you will be building a video site using a site template, you will not be able to reflect your idea for your membership service.

‘Building a site using a template’ means that you face to the limitation of the template.

Even if you want to add a certain feature in your service, but feature is not provided by Uscreen, you can never add that feature.

As you guess, this is not about ‘Feature’.

But rather, the same goes for ‘Design’ and ‘Layout’.

If you have a design or layout you want your membership site to be, you can never make it true.

Some service like Uscreen say that you can “customize” your site/app.

But they mean it only ‘Changing the header color’, ‘place the images’, ‘make the font bold’, ‘add menu items’ etc.

For those who have not yet run any web service, the above point may seem trivial and may make you wonder.

We, JEPISTA have supported over 50 clients who created video membership service through Uscreen.

When you start your service, ‘acquiring new user’ is essential in order to gain more sales.

In order to continually acquire users, it is essential to improve your services.

‘Improving your service’ is greatly done by ‘customizing your service’.

Create your service by Uscreen let you use site templates for building your services.

So customizations for function, detailed design changes and layout changes cannot be made to video sites.

Again, their homepages often insists that your site can be customized, but the reality is that the customization is very limited.

When using service like Uscreen, you have to keep in mind that;

The value that you need to bring to the service, such as philosophy, brand quality, uniqueness or even atmosphere, cannot be reflected in your membership site at all.

As you know, no one will be attracted by the service which does not generate any value for users.

As a result, ‘Growth’ will be difficult in your service.

I first got knowing YouTube back in 2006 (18 years ago).

At that time, YouTube didn’t have the ‘live streaming’ or ‘super chat’ features that are commonly used today.

YouTube also didn’t have a layout which lists the videos on the home screen, like today.

Of course, there were no features such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘like’ at that time.

Moreover, the site design as well as layout were very boring.

As you have been witnessing YouTube history,

You know well that the reason YouTube has grown so far is because YouTube has continued to customize its site and improve it time after time.

A service that does not ‘improve its service’ or, in other words, “customize its service” will not grow and will eventually disappear.

[1 minute video] What you need to know before using Uscreen

The Story with Uscreen caused us to found JEPISTA Prime

As mentioned earlier, we JEPISTA provide Uscreen support services for those who use Uscreen.

JEPISTA provides an app development service that is different from Uscreen.

This is called JEPISTA Prime.

JEPISTA Prime is custom-made development service that is in contrast to the services like Uscreen.


Unlike site-template-use Uscreen, your app will be made to order with JEPISTA Prime.

So you can reflect your ideas, identity, brand identity, uniqueness and atmosphere in the service.

As mentioned earlier,

If you build your service using SaaS including Uscreen, it will be difficult to acquire more users once you will reach to a certain number of users.

In fact, I have seen more than 50 companies using Uscreen to create the services.

Among them, there were several companies that have over 500,000 YouTube channel subscribers.

However, as I have pointed out on this page,

Even if you are a famous YouTuber who has already gained many fans,

Because you are using Uscreen, there was no versatility in building the service.

Because of that , none of the services ever had more than 500 paid members while using Uscreen.

I have had long-term relationships with Uscreen’s founder (CEO) as well as technical staff, and accounting staff.

Since 2020, we have been suggesting for many times about how Uscreen should be improved so that we can create better service that can grow.

However, Uscreen has not desired to change anything.

They has not desired because any changes they makes affects the Uscreen system as a while.

You will never know what’s kind of bug would occur caused by that change.

So Uscreen team as a while will be so busy to combat the issues and bugs.

So they just have been wanted to avoid it.

On the other hand,

Jepista Prime is unlike Uscreen.

We develop your app apart from the other apps or system.

Unlike Uscreen,

JEPISTA Prime can add the feature you want.

JEPISTA Prime can customize as much as you want.

So you can create your own membership app what you want it to be.

The service like Uscreen only provide you just ‘building a service’.

But JEPISTA Prime,

We will not only build your service but also we will dedicate and work how you can grow your service together.

By utilizing our knowledges and experiences, we always strive to grow your services together.

[1 minute] What is the biggest difference between Uscreen and JEPISTA Prime?

Free consultation for those who are interesred in Uscreen or better solution

If you are interested in creating a new video membership app, but not sure which development service to choose, please feel free to contact us.

At JEPISTA, we always receive many inquiries from people asking like ‘Can we realize the video membership service by Uscreen just like we imagine now?’

After hearing your concept, imagination and plan of the service, we can discuss about whether we will be able to realize it with Uscreen or we need to find other development service.

Since we are the pioneer of Uscreen bringing to Japan, we are very familiar with Uscreen.

So we will be happy to help you.

Consultations are free.

But free consultations is for 1 hour.

You can reach to us at contact form at our homepage.

Don’t be fooled by salespeople whose purpose is just to sell you products.

At JEPISTA, we provide as much information that you should know in advance from an expert’s perspective as possible.

Our website also covers video membership services run by famous influencers or companies.

So we are familiar with the trend of video membership service too.

Recently, in addition to Jepista Prime , many other ‘development services’ were born.

This is why even selecting the appropriate development service is becoming also very difficult.

In the field of web/app development, there are too many people year by year that fail to choose the right development service for them.

This is because people usually do not have correct information or not familiar with web/app development field.

As mentioned earilier,

Once you fail to choose the right development service for you, your service will always suffer from bugs and troubles, just like my client suffered by Uscreen.

Before building your app, I would like you to clarify one thing.

What’s your goal in your service?

Some people may have a goal to have 10,000 paid subscribers for example.

On top of that, among the many ‘development services’, you should have to choose the right one for you.

Does the development service will be helping you to get 10,000 paid subscribers?

Or, the development service only create your app with just a bit lower price than the others?

Please think about which development service would be able to realize the goal of your service you are imagining.

Choosing the development service is very important.

Because your success will be very depended on them.

That being said,

You might now raise questions like;

Which development service is truly good?

If you are not sure which developer is right for your case, please feel free to contact us.

We can discuss together.

Or, If you have the development service already, please make sure that;

1. Do your developer only develop the app?

2.How much do your developer work with you, in order to achieve the growth of your service?

3. Do your developer have any idea or strategies, in order to achieve the growth of your service?

Tell your developer about your future plan of your service.

If he only smiles and say something like ‘Good idea, sir’,

He only wants to get the fee for development.

He does even not care of your future plan at all.

This is something you can feel regardless of your knowledge, right?

In the case of a ‘Salesperson’ who is a professional at selling something.

These people usually only want to sell their product or get contract with you.

So they will be as much combortable as they can while discussing with you.

If you tell them about your worries and anxieties, they might reply you like;

‘I empathize with you! I understand you!’

Sales people pretend to be VERY nice people. (Just because they want more sales…)

One tip here for you.

Let’s say, you are not sure how to gain new subscribers after your app releases. So you are worried about it.

And you share your worry with sales person.

If that sales person reply you only like ‘I empathize with you! I understand you!’.

I can say this development service is NOT right for you.

This is because Sales person does not indicate any specific measures or strategy in order to combat your worry which is how to attract more new subscribers to your service.

Please keep in mind that sales people are very professional for selling their product.

For these sales people, it does not matter how your service grows or not.

In order not to fail,

In order to avoid making the wrong choice,

Please make sure to carefully select a developer.

Below are articles could help your success.

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  • 6 developer comparison
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  • Beware of affiliates!
    There are many sites, blogs, and YouTube videos that introduce app development service. But these are often ‘affiliates’ who are sponsored by the developer. So be careful!


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'Video on demand' and 'Live streaming service' Developer/Expert. Make iOS and Android Apps too
App demo|How to make your own VOD app like Netflix or Prime Video.
App demo|How to make your own VOD app like Netflix or Prime Video.
Create your own Video Streaming Service(VOD) like Netflix or Prime Video and make it iOS & Android.
Create your own Video Streaming Service(VOD) like Netflix or Prime Video and make it iOS & Android.
Video Streaming App example | How to create your own Netflix
Video Streaming App example | How to create your own Netflix
Create video steaming app like Netflix with just $2,000
Create video steaming app like Netflix with just $2,000
Referral Program | Video Steaming App Development | Create an app like Netflix
Referral Program | Video Steaming App Development | Create an app like Netflix

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